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OVO Solar | A32

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Snapshot Details

  • Brand: OVO Solar
  • Product Type: Egg Incubator
  • Model Number: A32
  • Power Supply Type: DC
  • Tested Maximum Capacity [eggs]: 32
  • Average Incubator Air Temperature [C]: 37.7
  • Average Power [W]: 51.7
  • Retail Price [USD]: 0
Product Information
  • Brand tooltip Product brand name as listed on consumer-facing materials, such as product package, nameplate, or product specification sheet OVO Solar
  • Product Type Egg Incubator
  • Model Number A32
  • Power Supply Type DC
  • Manufacturer OVO Solar Technologies
  • Dimensions [L*W*H in cm] 61*47.5*36.5
  • Warranty [months] 24
  • Rated Input Power [W] 30
  • Rated Input Voltage [V] 12
  • Rated Battery Chemistry Li-ion
  • Rated Maximum Capacity [eggs] 32
  • Tested Maximum Capacity [eggs] tooltip Maximum number of eggs that will fit in the incubator 32
Temperature Tests
  • Average Incubator Air Temperature [C] 37.7
  • Incubator Air Temperature Range [C] 33.0-38.3
  • Average Egg Surface Temperature [C] 36.7
  • Notes About Temperature Tests The incubator has no display of the actual temperature, and no manual means of regulating the temperature aside from closing the lid of the incubator. The mechanism on how to regulate lower temperatures should be included in the user manual.
Humidity Tests
  • Average Humidity [%] 60.2
  • Humidity Range [%] 44.2-70.9
  • Notes About Humidity Tests The tested humidity levels are slightly higher than the recommended humidity values in the incubation stage. The incubator does not have humidity settings to differentiate humidity levels for incubating and lockdown periods.
Energy Performance
  • Average Power [W] 51.7
  • Power Consumption Range [W] 41.2-61.3
  • Average Energy Consumption per Day [W/8h] 422
Battery Functionality
  • Rated Battery Capacity [V] 10.8
  • Rated Battery Voltage [Ah] 15
  • Battery Charging and Discharging Functional
  • Time until Fully Charged [hours] 3.65
  • Full Battery Run Time [hours] 34
  • Battery Voltage [V] 10.6
  • Automatic Egg Turner Functional
  • Notes About Egg Turner The automatic egg turner should be able to shut off during the hatching period.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Functional
  • Notes About Pay-As-You-Go N/A
Packaging Evaluation
  • Packaging Rating [good/satisfactory/needs improvement/poor] Good
  • Notes About Packaging Product packaging was secure and of good quality.
  • Included Components Solar panel (43 Wp), 6m of cable (2*0.75mm), incubator including drinker and feeder, spray bottle, and salt water tray, two flash drives with promotional and operational instructions videos, calendar for monitoring incubation period, user manual
  • Notes About Labeling and Documentation The user manual is in the form of a 24 paged booklet, which is more detailed than the manual/brochure available on the website.
Sampling and Testing Information
  • Sample Location Manufacturer Warehouse (Zambia)
  • Retail Price [USD] 0
  • Test Completion Date [MM/DD/YYYY] 10/15/2021
  • Test Laboratory Name Kijani Testing
Contact Information
  • Company Contact
  • Website
  • Global LEAP Awards N/A