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Weiqian | WQ-64

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Snapshot Details

  • Brand: Weiqian
  • Product Type: Egg Incubator
  • Model Number: WQ-64
  • Power Supply Type: AC
  • Tested Maximum Capacity [eggs]: 60
  • Average Incubator Air Temperature [C]: 32.9
  • Average Power [W]: 67.4
  • Retail Price [USD]: 165
Product Information
  • Brand tooltip Product brand name as listed on consumer-facing materials, such as product package, nameplate, or product specification sheet Weiqian
  • Product Type Egg Incubator
  • Model Number WQ-64
  • Power Supply Type AC
  • Manufacturer Dezhou Weigan Import & Export Co., Ltd
  • Dimensions [L*W*H in cm] 53*53*28
  • Warranty [months] Not stated
  • Rated Input Power [W] 80
  • Rated Input Voltage [V] 220-240
  • Rated Battery Chemistry Not rated
  • Rated Maximum Capacity [eggs] 64
  • Tested Maximum Capacity [eggs] tooltip Maximum number of eggs that will fit in the incubator 60
Temperature Tests
  • Average Incubator Air Temperature [C] 32.9
  • Incubator Air Temperature Range [C] 24.9-37.5
  • Average Egg Surface Temperature [C] 36.5
  • Notes About Temperature Tests The ambient temperature dropped considerably during the testing due to the opening of the incubator lid.
Humidity Tests
  • Average Humidity [%] 50
  • Humidity Range [%] 34.8-59.4
  • Notes About Humidity Tests The humidity setting was quite erratic and is controlled predominantly manually.
Energy Performance
  • Average Power [W] 67.4
  • Power Consumption Range [W] 33.0-100.0
  • Average Energy Consumption per Day [W/8h] N/A
Battery Functionality
  • Rated Battery Capacity [V] 12
  • Rated Battery Voltage [Ah] 200
  • Battery Charging and Discharging Not tested
  • Time until Fully Charged [hours] Not tested
  • Full Battery Run Time [hours] Not tested
  • Battery Voltage [V] Not tested
  • Automatic Egg Turner Functional
  • Notes About Egg Turner Recommend having the incubator capacity to be between 70%-90% for optimal turning.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Not tested
  • Notes About Pay-As-You-Go Product does not have Pay-As-You-Go capabilities
Packaging Evaluation
  • Packaging Rating [good/satisfactory/needs improvement/poor] Not evaluated
  • Notes About Packaging Not evaluated
  • Included Components User manual, incubator, feeder, drinker, cables, torch, water bottle
  • Notes About Labeling and Documentation On the incubator's top, there was a sticker detailing its specifications which contained the incubator size, brand, model, and power consumption details.
Sampling and Testing Information
  • Sample Location Nairobi (Kenya)
  • Retail Price [USD] 165
  • Test Completion Date [MM/DD/YYYY] 8/20/2021
  • Test Laboratory Name Kijani Testing
Contact Information
  • Company Contact Engoho Kuku Farmer
  • Website
  • Global LEAP Awards N/A